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2024 b2v - team black monthly time trials

The "Time Trial" strategy was implemented in preparation for the 2018 B2V.  This allowed us to stay accountable and motivate each other.  NOTE:   The time trials will be used to determine placement on a stage, or as alternate runner.

*If possible, sign up for a 5K Race (December / January) and/or a 10K Race (February / March).  Each time trial should be treated like a race. Properly warm-up and cool-down and make sure to start smart.

** If you're unable to run outside, you may use a treadmill.  Be sure to submit a picture of the display to prove your time trial.

1.)  Find a FLAT route;  

2.)  Run the distance*;  

3.)  Submit your time.

Time - Trial Due Dates:
  • December TBD 2023  — 3 mile                     

  • January  TBD 2024  —  3 Mile                         

  • February TBD, 2024  —   6 mile

  • March TBD 2024  —  6 Mile 

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