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Feds Get Fit



This Federal Executive Board Initiative is both a Program and a Movement.   The Program is that we have a committee of Federal employees that periodically put together events that bring Federal employees, friends and family members together to participate in exercise events.  To get these notices - sign up to be on the Feds Get Fit Email Group.  

This is a Movement because we want all Federal employees to get moving and to make healthy choices!  We encourage you to start your own work-place Feds Get Fit Program/Movement.  You are welcome to use the logo (available by contacting the FEB) on any work-place event that gets Federal employees moving toward better health and fitness

Running Shoes


Couch to 5K

Here's a great way to start running.  It's a 9 week program that will get you moving!


past events

Feds Get Fit has hosted several events over the years.

From 5K Walk/Run, to basketball tournaments and hikes in the local mountains.

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Join the So Cal Feds Get Fit STRAVA club!

Once you request to join, you can cheer on and motivate our Southern California Feds Get Fit members.

You can track the following activities on Strava!

Walking, Running, Riding, Hiking, Canoeing, E-Bike Ride, Handcycle, Velomobile Ride, Ice Skating, Inline Skating, Kayaking, Kitesurfing, Rock Climbing, Roller Sking, Rowing, Alpine Skiing, Backcountry Skiing, Nordic Skiing, Snowboarding, Snowshoe, Stand Up Paddle, Surfing, Swimming, Wheelchair and Windsurf!


​Click on the logo to sign up.


healthy lifestyle

Healthy at any age
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