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dedicated volunteer

Our dedicated volunteer for the 2023 B2V is Denise Tate!.  


Denise is  the MOST IMPORTANT PERSON ON OUR TEAM, and this is her first B2V!  As the dedicated volunteer, she is required to work a specific stage of the race for approximately 8 hours. 

To learn about Denise or our past volunteers, please click on the links below.

Denise Tate:  (2023 - B2V)

Sarah Thornton (2022 - B2V) 


Gaspar Montanez (2021 - FRR)​​

Monetta Roberts (2019 & 2020 - B2V) 


Jeannette Aranda (2017 2018 - B2V)

Mike Young (2016 - B2V)

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