PROGRAM:                                                        WEEK START DATE:

                                                                    CSUPD                                                                                          11/9/2020

                                                                    LAPD - ELITE                                                                               12/7/2020

                                                                    Orange County DA (OCDA)                                                       12/14/2020

Here are descriptions and training tips you will need to prepare you for the Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay (aka) B2V.  I recommend the OCDA 14 week program for all runners and if you follow it, you will set yourself up for greatness!  You can substitute uphill training for the 400's.  Click HERE to read about it. 


The LAPD training program is used by their elite team and they have won many B2Vs.  If you are up for a challenge, this is a good one.   

The CSUPD (California State University Police Department) Program is a good program too.  They are similar to our team as their team is made up of staff from across the entire state of California.  They all come together in Las Vegas for the race, but train separately.

The white buttons below have not been created as of yet, but we hope to have them updated in the future.  Past DOL Team Black runners put together the training tips (red buttons).  They have provided their race experience and tips for a successful run.  

Be sure to watch the training videos below. 

running techniques