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SUPPORT operations team
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There is much more to the race than the 20 runners racing along a 120-Mile relay course. A great deal of training, preparation and logistics goes into planning for a successful and safe race. There are strict rules in place to ensure the safety of each participant and every team is required to supply support personnel for their runners.


NON - DOL employees can serve on the Support Operations Team.

There is a need for  a Dedicated Volunteer, Follow Vehicle Drivers, Follow Vehicle Assistant, Runner Shuttle driver / catchers, Support / communications, and photographers.  


Dedicated Volunteer:  

Each team cannot participate in the B2V without a Dedicated Volunteer.  This person is assigned a specific stage of the race and will work the stage for 8 – 10 hours.  Specific duties will be assigned by the stage coordinator. 

Follow Vehicle Driver: 

Drivers will drive out to their assigned legs (4 – 5 stages) and follow the runner providing support.  Driver will read and abide by the rules as specified by Chapter 5 of the rulebook.

Follow Vehicle Assistant: 

Will ride in the passenger seat of the Follow Vehicle and provide support to the runner.  Will provide water, encouragement and keep runner’s time.

Runner Shuttle Driver / Catcher: 

Your job is to drive runners to assigned stages.  Will also “catch” incoming runners as they finish their stage and guide them out of the way of other runners. Will provide water / support to assigned runners.


Will be assigned specific stages to take pictures of our team (runners, follow vehicle, etc.) and the surroundings. 

Support / Communications: 

Will provide information to the entire team throughout the race via phone, text messaging, social media and ham radio.

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